Writer’s Day Off



Hello everyone after a long time! I’m probably the worst blogger ever because I try to write three blogs and never find time for any of them. But to publish something here… this photo is taken during my day off. If you have been reading my other blogs (GoTravelBlog and LostViivi), you may know that I will start studying creative writing this autumn in university. To get ready for my future studies I have decided to write stories everyday for two hours. Sounds impossible, right?

Summer Day From Storybook

Bremen Travel Photos


It’s easy to see why popular story ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ happens in Bremen. This city is like photo from storybook. Just look at the wind mill. This photo has taken in the central Bremen even if it looks like scene from peaceful countryside. Bremen is just perfect destination for those who want to see something idyllic but still live in busy neighborhood.

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Chai Tea & Pink Heaven



This photo is from cafe in Bremen. These pinkish girly dreamy places somehow always make good impression to me. I enjoy sitting there and watching all these cute colors around me. Even better when the clerk rock styled man who was wearing all black clothes. He didn’t fit in and that made me experience even better.

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Memories from Harajuku

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After a long time I am back with photo from my Japan trip. I can’t believe it has soon be two years. It still feels like I returned just yesterday. You can’t even imagine how my I miss back there. Japan was country that somehow fitted perfectly for me. I felt more home there than I feel in my home country Finland!

This photo is from Harajuku. One of my ultimate favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. I had been using Line with my friend for some time when I first visited this small shop selling only line fan products. It was like heaven.

Now I am just looking all these photos I took in Japan… Maybe I will share one tomorrow for throw back Thursday in my INSTAGRAM.

Under Cherry Tree

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More cherry blossom photos! I just never get enough of watching these pretty flowers…

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Abandoned Brighton

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This was definitely my favorite thing in Brighton. Abandoned pier in the middle of ocean. Why decided it would be good idea to leave it there?

I have always been interested about abandoned things. Someone may remember my infamous accidental trip to abandoned amusement park in Japan. I may have spent a few hours just sitting in the beach and staring this interesting structure. And I wasn’t the only one!

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Lost in Bremen

Travel Photos: Bremen


I did trip to Bremen a few weeks ago and I have to say that this city really surprised me. After doing some research through internet it seemed like boring place where I was just going to spend a few days before continuing to Brighton, UK because that was cheaper than flying there straight from Finland. After spending three nights I have to say that Bremen charmed me and I have to return there rather sooner than later.

I mean look at the photo! Who couldn’t love idyllic old town? And especially if there is areas full of street art, small boutiques and tasty food close by! Bremen really is worth of visit. If you want to see more photos from Bremen stay tuned and follow my real travel blog HERE. I will be posting Bremen Photo Diary later today. Also I have now FACEBOOK page so feel free to follow it!

Pets are great!



Isn’t my dog cute? And please ignore my foot that is photobombing here. I still need more practice with my photography skills…

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Street Art in Brighton

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One thing that made me fall in love with Brighton was the pretty streets of the city. Look at all this art! It was like walking in fairy tale. Or okay maybe more like in book for young adults. A little threatening but so charming.

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